Valuable P2P & WiFi Solutions

Assure IT Infra is a leader in P2P and WiFi hotspot Services providing essential and advanced IT infrastructure solutions for businesses and corporate.

Expert Networking solutions

We are a group of certified and experienced networking professionals providing reliable networking solutions to leading businesses.

Gateway Firewall Solutions

Our dependable gateway firewall solutions provide endpoint protection and harden security for critical business and customer data.

Experienced Team

Assure IT Infra boasts of an experienced and expert team of Network Engineers, Technicians, Quality Controllers and Consultants to provide effective IT solutions.

Customized Offerings

The company is known to provide standard Networking and IT solutions as well as customized solutions according to dynamic requirements of the clients.

Sales & Service

We are involved as a dealer in the sales and service of high-quality networking solutions in Udaipur apart from other IT products and services.

Extensive Support

We offer end-to-end support for our corporate and retail customers, right from strategic planning to consultancy and installation to maintenance.

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Our Vision

Quality, Reliability, Excellence

At Assure IT, we believe in providing the best quality networking product and aim to provide reliable and IT solutions.

We also aim to delight our customers by keeping a customer-centric approach that enables us to provide excellent services and cater to the dynamic needs of our customers. We believe in creating long-term relationships with our customers and providing them the best products at a competitive price point.

Our Experience in IT, WI-FI & Networking services

Server Installation

WiFi Hotspot Setup

P2P Installations

Gateway Installation

High-quality networking products and services

To provide best in-class solutions

Assure IT Infra provides comprehensive IT security support services and networking solutions and offers high-quality products and services to cater to the networking needs of a growing business. Our strong associations with leading vendors and manufacturers of networking products along with an expert team help us in providing world-class service support along with a comprehensive product range for networking under a single roof.

Services We are Offering

Quality Network Switches

We are one of the leading network switch dealer offering world-class network switches essential to connect a number of devices together on a computer network.

WiFi Hotspot Setup

We provide enterprise-level hotspot services to setup and expand wireless coverage in a particular area to offer secure mobile access for users.

Customized Networking Solutions

We provide customized and standard networking solutions ranging from simple antenna solutions to high-end optical solutions using quality products.

Advanced P2P/P2MP Solutions

We offer advanced P2P/P2MP wireless communication solutions for internet or VoIP using high-quality networking equipment such as Cambium, Ruckus and Ubiquiti.

Dependable Server Solutions

We excel in providing advanced backup and server solutions of HP and IBM for managing and storing large amounts of business data securely.

Reliable ERP Solutions

We offer customized ERP and CRM packages for your growing business in educational, hospitality and other industries to ensure proper management of data.

Gateway Firewall Solutions

We provide reliable gateway hardware to filter the data packets sent over a network and ensure effective firewall solutions over a network.

FTTH Solutions

We provide quality FTTH solutions to help you upgrade from conventional copper cables to optical fibers that increase data transmission speeds.

Industry Best Consultancy

We specialize not only in sales, service, and support for networking equipment but also provide insightful advisory and consultancy services.

Our Customer

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