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Lighting fast broadband speed

Using FTTH networks

Assure IT Infra is a leading dealer of fiber optic cable that brings home the benefits of high-speed broadband to residential and commercial spaces.

Assure IT Infra specializes in providing FTTH services that involve installation of optical fiber cable directly to a home or office building that help in increasing the broadband speeds. Optical fiber cable is way better than the conventional copper cables that are responsible for slower and less reliable Internet connection to residential and work spaces.

  • High Speed Internet

    We equip your existing cable network to ensure high-speed internet connectivity.

  • High-quality optical fiber

    We use only superior grade optical fiber from leaders to ensure seamless connectivity.

  • End-to-end Installation

    We specialize in the installation of FTTH cables to provide hassle-free consumer experience.

  • Exclusive service support

    Our qualified technicians handle all your queries and are happy to provide round the clock support.

FTTH Installation Services

For home and office spaces

We understand the growing need for a fast internet network in modern times and provide you exclusive FTTH installation services to ensure that you get the high-speed internet round the clock. We are pioneers in providing advanced networking solutions in Udaipur and offer comprehensive FTTH installation services according to your customized needs.

We lay strong emphasis on maintaining high service standards, and our underlying focus is always on delighting our clients through our services. The use of high-quality networking equipment and finesse in the installation of optical fiber for home or office makes you sure of a delightful service experience throughout the installation process.

Next Generation Networking

Using Advanced FTTH Network

FTTH network is the future of on-ground networking as it promises faster data transmission speeds than traditional copper infrastructure.

We specialize in helping a consumer take the benefit of the high-speed internet by revamping the current network infrastructure using optical fibers. Upgrading to optical fibers to connect with internet promises end-to-end high-speed connections that improve data speed drastically and help you get blazing fast internet speed right at your home or office.