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We cater to the growing need of routers and switches for large area network and are one of the leading network switch dealers in Rajasthan.

We provide world-class networking solutions in Rajasthan and are involved in the sale and service of high-quality equipment. Our qualified team is equipped to deal with basic and advanced networking issues that involve switches and routers, manufactured by leading network switch brands, like:

  • Brocade

    Broacade is a world leader in networking switches and provides data center switches, campus network switches, and career Ethernet switches.

  • Cisco

    An international networking solutions company offering a wide range of switches for the local area and wide-area networks.

  • Zyxel

    A reliable and premium brand for sustainable high-quality wide area network switches used in a variety of various networking applications.

  • Ubiquiti

    High-quality networking products including advanced switch equipment powered by groundbreaking networking technology.

Highly secure and reliable

switching solutions

At Assure IT Infra we believe in providing highly secure and reliable switching solutions for a data center or network. We use network switches and routers manufactured by leading brands that are known for their sturdy build and seamless transmission. These products offer a transparent and highly secure method of data transmission and division and have a variety of applications.

The network switches installed by Assure Computers connects to all the devices in a computer network and are used for offering world-class networking solutions for business. We assure our clientele about the performance of networking equipment provided by us that are instrumental in regulating the flow of data across a network. Using network switches provided by Assure Computers one can enforce gateway firewall solutions to ensure highly secure network in a premise.

Assure IT Infra

Leaders in Network Switch Equipment Sales and Service

Assure IT Infra has strong associations with leading network switch manufacturers across the world and use high-quality equipment to offer reliable networking solutions in Rajasthan.

We are one of the foremost network switch dealers in Rajasthan involved in the sales of networking switch as well as service of this equipment. We also excel in providing strong after sales support to our clients, ensuring seamless data transmission using quality network switches.