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Point to Point

Several locations can be linked securely for private data transmission using a point-to-point circuit. Unlike the public Internet, a point-to-point circuit operates on a closed network and does not transit it. The service is inherently secure with no data encryption needed. There are a variety of bandwidth speeds available for point to point connections, including T1, DS3, or Ethernet. Due to the growing bandwidth requirements, Ethernet private lines have become the preferred option for high-speed connectivity.

Point-to-point connections are also dedicated services that deliver unsurpassed quality of service (QoS), as there is no shared network (private line). Network paths are always the same, and follow direct routes with very low latency and packet loss. A network guarantees (SLA) will give you peace of mind when it comes to applications requiring high performance.

Assure The application of such data transmission technologies can be immense. One can use the P2P networks to create shared drives for data sharing across a network spread over a building or a particular area. The P2MP technology is used for long-distance data transmission and can also be used to broadcast wireless network across a larger geographical area.

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